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  • Y&C Hukuk ve Danışmanlık




Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

  1. Use of legal means for the follow-up of client receivables,

  2. In case of urgent cases regarding uncollectible receivables, initiation of precautionary proceedings shall be initiated and follow-up shall be initiated by means of follow-up without cash, or by converting mortgage into cash according to the basis of the receivable in other cases,

  3. Investigation of the assets of the debtor by investigating and placing an annulment on them;

  4. For the annulment of the objections made by the Borrower, the substitution of cases, the follow-up of the negative detection cases filed by the borrowers,

  5. Execution of complaints and prosecution cases before the executive court,

  6. Transformation of the assets of the borrowers to cash,

  7. Connecting non-collectible receivables to the insolvency of

  8. Execution of the cancellation of savings related to the assets of the borrowers,

  9. Borrowers search, legal process tracking.

  10. Execution, reporting of the execution files, preparation of ilamsiz and secured follow-up files, opening of follow-up, foreclosures, foreclosures and all kinds of queries.

  11. Taking steps to ensure collection by contacting the borrowers via telephone, mail and all kinds of communication,

  12. Upon the objections of the borrowers to the enforcement proceedings, the opening and follow-up of the appeal and the cancellation of the appeal,

  13. Complaints and follow-up in the Criminal Court of Execution in accordance with the Bankruptcy Law,

  14. Keeping the records of the Bank's program, updating.

Labor & Social Security Law


  1. Managing existing business relations with employees of client companies,

  2. Providing legal consultancy services before the dispute on recruitment and dismissals,

  3. Preparation of personnel files,

  4. Preparation and revision of employment contracts,

  5. Follow-up of work cases filed by personnel,

  6. Participating in mediation negotiations,

  7. Giving business law seminars to client companies.


  1. Follow up for all kinds of labor demand cases such as severance pay, notice of pay, annual leave receivable, overtime receivable, week holiday receivable, national and religious holiday work,

  2. Carrying out mediation applications and participating in negotiations,

  3. Follow-up cases,

  4. Follow-up of compensation cases caused by work accidents and occupational diseases.

Commercial Law

  1. Bankruptcy and Postponement of Bankruptcy,

  2. Concordat Law,

  3. Contract Law,

  4. Contractual receivables / debt relations,

  5. Amicable settlements,

  6. Company Law,

Real Estate Law

  1. Acquisition of real estate agencies and people outside Turkey or abroad,

  2. Deed cancellation and registration (correction of corrupt registration),

  3. The cases of cancellation of savings from the Muvaza

  4. Settlement of disputes arising from rent law,

  5. Intervention and stay lawsuits,

  6. Right of trial

  7. Ecrimisil cases,

  8. Detection cases,

  9. Flood cases,

  10. The solution of legal disputes arising from the ownership of the floor.

Family Law

  1. Uncontested divorce ,

  2. Contested divorce cases,

  3. Divorce Litigation ,

  4. Division of matrimonial property,

  5. Recognition and enforcement cases,

  6. Genealogy cases,

  7. Paternity suits,

  8. Affilation,

  9. Tangible and non-pecuniary damages

  10. Pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages,

Urban Transformation Law

  1. Determination and objection in risky structures, 

  2. Risky structure and the cancellation of the execution of the risky field, demand cancellation cases,

  3. Organizing meetings, 2/3 decision making, notification of decisions,

  4. Application to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and Municipalities,

  5. Share sales transactions,

  6. Preparation of construction contracts for land share,

  7. Preparation of management plans,

  8. Cases of land share correction,

  9. Providing legal consultancy on all disputes arising out of Law No. 6306

  10. Lawsuits for the reimbursement of fees and taxes received under Law no.

Inheritance Law

  1. Certificate of inheritance,

  2. Devolution of an inheritance,

  3. Action for reduction,

  4. Disclamer of inheritance cases,

  5. Renunciation of the inheritance contracts .

Medical Law

  1. Preparation of contracts regulating the relations of health institutions with third parties,

  2. Arrangement of contractual relations with employees and patients,

  3. Patient and physician rights, resolution of disputes to be experienced by patient-doctor-health institution,

  4. Malpractise suits,

  5. Legal disputes arising from the responsibilities of hospitals and health institutions,

  6. Elimination of insurance disputes,

  7. Solution of legal disputes arising from medical tourism.

Legal Counselling

  1. Preparation of contracts, revision / prapering and rewieving the aggrement,

  2. Providing consultancy services to the parties,

  3. Preparation of special considerations / Expert reports,

  4. Reporting regulations,

  5. Legal status and risk assessment

Public Procurement Law

  1. Administrative disputes related to Public Procurement Law,

  2. Application against tenders, complaint application to the contracting authority, application to the  Public Procurement Authority, File a suit in court ,

  3. Application against prohibition from participation in tenders,

  4. Bid rigging cases.